Backup continuity and emergency modes

We partner with Axcient to offer off-site compliant backup solutions to provide business continuity and meet Emergency Mode requirements.

Backups are just not enough today to protect your data and meet compliancy. Continuity is a term used to minimize downtime and keep your company running during major challenges. To provide proper business continuity and ensure your company can be productive, virtualization locally and in the cloud is extremely important. We provide solutions that include encrypted local backups, with the ability to spin up critical systems locally, if those systems become compromised or unusable. We also offer the ability to do the same off-site in the cloud if your local environment is crippled by fire, theft, or other disasters. The solutions we provide not only offer encryption at rest, but also encryption in transit. The cloud portion meets HIPAA compliancy along with other regulatory requirements for many industries.

With the growing challenges with employees compromising computing environments, ransom ware attacks and cyber security challenges, off-site redundancy of critical systems is becoming not only a legal requirement, but also a business necessity.

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