What does security entail?

In the world of computer technology there are many areas that the term security applies to.
In terms of access security, we are referring to limitations to what can be accessed either on a local machine, a server, or information hosted offsite.  There are many different levels of security that relates to each and every category of security.

Local machine security alone has several different dynamics to address.  Often there are passwords to log into a local machine, or other protection methods like biometrics finger print scanners.  Some of these devices are less expensive than you would think, but some of the high end solutions can become quite expensive.  You also have specific file or folder security that can be applied which not only requires access to use the computer, but security applied directly to a file itself.  Some individual programs that you might run on a computer may require a username and password to either run that program, or access specific areas of that program.  Accounting programs often have the ability to require usernames and password to access the program or features within the program.

Servers that are repositories for files or software often are configured with different levels of security for different users.  This can restrict certain users from accessing files, or programs, as well as the ability to limit access to different services the server runs.

There are security settings that can limit someone even having access to a local network.  Often we see that security configured for wireless networks.  The security on wireless devices normally encompasses two areas, encryption and access lists.  Encryption is the most common security configuration on wireless networks and does two different functions.  This often limits people from getting access to the network, as well as the ability to see what information is being utilized by others.  Access list refers to a database that is set up on the wireless access point or router, which most often entitles the computers with the exact same MAC address (or serial number) of their wireless card to gain access to that wireless network.  If you don’t have a MAC address on your wireless network card that matches one on the list located on the wireless access point or router, you will not be able to join that network.  In some cases you will need to match the encryption code and be on an access list.  Access list can also be set to limit those matching MAC addresses from gaining access to the wireless network.  You can only choose to either grant access with the listed MAC’s or restrict access with the listed MAC’s.

There are a great deal of other security settings and methods used in relation to local and offsite security.  For more information on techniques that may provide the level of security you require please contact us so that we may address your specific needs.